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Keyboard Spies: Now on iPhones

Loyal Kaspersky Daily readers are already aware of the recent mobile security trends: the hottest topic among cybercriminals are mobile banking Trojans. When you do your banking on a smart ... Read More

Posted: 06/03/2014

Number of the week: an average of 900 online resources are activ

In recent months Kaspersky Lab experts have been closely monitoring so-called Darknet resources, mostly the Tor network. And one thing that is immediately obvious is that the cybercriminal element is growing. Although the Tor infrastructure and cybercriminal resources are not on the same scale as ... Read More

Posted: 13/01/2014

Not p-p-p-picking up penguins in Porvenir.

Tierra del Fuego, Chile. Iā€™d always known it to be a mystically mysterious place if ever there was one, after having images of it seared into my brain as a child from being absorbed in the travel thrille ... Read More

Posted: 13/01/2014